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Sedona Canyons

Sedona Canyons

Welcome to Sedona Canyon site. is an information website for people visiting Sedona. We have information about Sedona hotels spa, resorts, vacation, bed and breakfast, lodging, and all other related information.

Sedona is situated 120 kms north of Phoenix in the state of Arizona. If you are looking for a "never-to-forget" experience while on vacation then Sedona is surely the place to head for. This is a vacation destination which has everything for you. Whether you want to do adventures like hiking or just need a relaxing experience, you will find it here.

Extracted from the historical culture and traditionally modernized beauty of Sedona, we take you on a voyage from the mystic and spiritually leaden ambiance to the beauty of Arizona. The conventional and modern hospitality and tourism sector offered by the state is enveloped under the scarlet orange hue of monolithic mountains. Share with us the evolution of a topical city embedded in the past of naturalism and vibrations of modernism.

Welcome to Sedona! The gorgeously chiseled tips of stones forming mountainous structures of myriad of colors under the scattering sunlight reflect the sculptural clarity of cliffs in the backdrop of an ancient tribal origination. Sedona is home to disparate Hollywood projects and television serials. The rustic formation of lush green land in the background of colossal mountain ranges is the seat of an exciting travel guide to America's one of the most visited tourist spots. Your journey begins with the history, natives, culture, arts and sports of the soul stirring city.

History of Sedona : Archeological evidence proves that the origin of city dates back to 10,000 years, with the down flow of Native Americans as cave dwellers. The primary vegetation grown in the colorful soil of Sedona was corns, beans and squash with an annual rainfall of 15 to 20 inches.

Discovery of the Mystic Land: The region was discovered by a Spanish expedition in search of Indian mines in the year 1583. The first permanent settler Jone James Thompson practiced farming in the land. The region got completely populated in early 1910's, in consequent of which, it attracted the attention of films and painters. 1902 is the historic year of Sedona as it got connected to the outer world with the opening of first postal station in the city.

Arts and Culture: The artistic and cultural accomplishment of the city is influenced by the naturally painted red cliffs and its handicrafts- which form the ruins of a dead civilization with the invasion of modern industry and trade. Though the ethnic artifacts are the talk of past, but Sedona has invited modern paintings from cubism to surrealism. This is the home to the legends of Joe Beeler, Charlie Dye, John Hampton and Max Ernst. Sedona is a hub of multiple art communities ranging from Tlaquepaque Arts& Crafts Village to Cowboy Artist of America.

The Geology of Sedona Arizona: The city is formed on the bed of limestone which actually has a grayish tinge of color but is turned rustic red due to iron oxide deposition on the surface of the cliffs. Sinkholes are formed where lime deposits sink in the watery base. Devil's Dinning Room is the most famous sinkhole.

Sedona offers you a complete experience of sports, health rejuvenation and meditation. The luxurious hotels and spa pamper your mind and body to feel the solace offered by a mystic city known as Sedona in Arizona.

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