Sedona Canyon

Sedona Red Rocks

Sedona Red Rocks

Sedona is popularly known as red rock country". The region is popular for its red rocky structures spread in and around Sedona. When people go to see Grand Canyons, they also visit Sedona to enjoy its monolithic red rock structures. Sedona red rock is unique in color and structure. Due to the red rock formations, Sedona is a beautiful and unique destination to visit.

Sedona receives almost 4 million tourists every year. People come here for post retirement relaxation, weekend getaways and outdoor activities like hiking, biking and camping etc. The climate of Sedona is mostly mild throughout the year. When compared to other nearby cities like Phoenix or Tucson, Sedona remains relatively pleasant round the year.

The formation of Sedona red rocks dates back to 320 million years ago. Then, Sedona was a delta under the sea and a lot of erosion from the nearby mountains deposited in this delta. This resulted in the formation of high rocky structures almost 1900 feet high. Later, due to rise in the level of the Colorado Plateau, the earth of Sedona witnessed cracks and stream of water from rivers started flowing between these cracks. The water gradually withered the rocks of Sedona giving it interesting shapes like cathedral, coffee pot, bell and so on. Thus, the present red rock formation in Sedona is due to this erosion.

However, the question still remains that: What makes the Sedona rocks red? The answer is iron. The rocky structure is nothing but sandstone which is very porous in nature. So, when water containing iron passes through these structures, a lot of iron gathers around these rocks gradually giving it a red tinge. Thus, the oldest rocks which are as much as 250 million years old are even brighter red in color. This also leads to the conclusion that Sedona red rocks are rich in iron content. So that's the mystery behind the beautiful color of Sedona rocks making the region such sought after tourist destination.

The four famous red rock structures are: cathedral, coffee pot, Court House and Bell rock. Sedona's Red Rock Park is an interesting place to visit. Red Rock Park is the best place to see the awesome and huge formations of red rock. The Oak Creek passes through the red rock structures giving the place a rich vegetation of different types of plants. This park is a favorite place for hiking, picnic, cycling and camping. Take the popular jeep tour in Sedona to watch the red rock formations.

Sedona red rocks look even more beautiful during sunrise or sunset. The rays of the sun make the rocks sparkle golden red. The changing position of the sun keeps changing the hues of the rocky structures from bright red to dull red and golden red.

Sedona red rocks is a must see because no where else in the world there are red rock formations which are so much and so huge in nature. The most unique thing about these rocks is that they have very interesting shapes that resemble various objects.

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